5 Startling Differences between Conventional and Islamic Banking .That Will Keep You Safe from Paying Interest.

Do you know that you can use an Islamic bank for all your financial dealings?
Are you aware of the concept of the Islamic banking system? Do you know how it is different from the conventional system of banking?
If not, you must know it to ensure money earned through sweat and tears does not get used in a haram banking process.
You now have a system which will regulate all your money according to the principles of Islam.

You will be shocked to know some of this information. Be educated about how your money is regulated in the bank and make a responsible, smart decision today.

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Major differences between Islamic and conventional banking
How money is made in both the systems
what system is more profitable for a client
what is the right banking option for you

Who Is ICFAL To Make
Such Promises?

ICFAL is a leading Islamic finance provider operating in major parts of Australia since 1998. Our team consists of motivated and experienced individuals, who have helped our clientele with understanding, using, and investing in halal products for over 20 years.

We have maintained the trust of our customers by offering 100% halal products and making sure usury/interests are avoided at all costs. This has given our clients the confidence to fully trust us with their finances over the years.

With more than two decades of managing Islamic finances, we are in a position to offer you not just the best of our products, but also guidance through every step of the processes involved.

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